Ragtime Piano Rolls

Converted to MIDI, then to Audio using my Steinway Grand Piano Samples

Maple Leaf Rag - by Scott Joplin
Played by Scott Joplin himself

This is the 1916 "Connorized #10265" piano roll performance
played by Scott Joplin

This piano roll was first converted to a MIDI file.
Then, the MIDI file was rendered to an audio WAV file using the single MF strike layer of samples from a 1897 Steinway Model-C Grand piano.
The WAV file was then converted to MP3 compressed audio to allow for reasonable download file size.

If there is sufficient interest in these piano roll conversions, I will consider creating more of them, and possibly even create some audio CDs
listen Click here to download the MP3 audio of the Maple Leaf Rag
file size is approximately 2.5MB

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