Alex Hassan's Live-Played Ragtime MIDIs

Alex is one of the star member/performers of the Northern Virginia Ragtime Society, among his other musical activities. Alex is considered one of the leading authorities on Novelty Piano.

Background on Alex Hassan

hassan-pic Alex Hassan is a Northern Virginian pianist thoroughly immersed in the musical styles and arrangements of the 20s and 30s. Utilizing the resources of over 1500 syncopated piano solo 78s, a comprehensive sheet music collection, fairly broad classical training, and an intense love of this nebulous, somewhere between classical and jazz, idiom, Alex recreates the spirited and glorious melodies of the Golden Age of popular music.

Amongst the highlights of his musical career, Alex counts performances at the Smithsonian, Scott Joplin Festival (Sedalia, MO), Stanford University, Pizza-On-The-Park (London), Player's Club (Manhattan--a party for the Gershwin family), Toronto's McMichael art gallery, Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater.
Since 1991, Alex has given 5 solo recitals for the two Billy Mayerl societies of England, recorded extensively at the BBC and one of the Mayerl concert venues. Alex is the regular pianist with Washington's Interact Theatre Co., having performed extensive runs of original shows, spotlighting the music of Ivor Novello and comedy/music of Joyce Grenfell--shows nominated for various local "Helen Hayes" awards. He has made both piano roll and piano diskette (Pianomation) recordings for Buffalo's QRS Piano Roll Co.

For further information about Alex and for information about his CDs, click here for his website.

I was finally able to get Alex to record some performances on my digital setup, so that Cyber-syncopators can hear his playing via MIDI.
All these files were made on a single-take, with no editing performed on the files.

The Maple Leaf Hora - from a Scott Joplin tune
Alex's unique variation of a familiar rag. Often referred to as his "Minor Key Maple Leaf".
Pork and Beans - Luckey Roberts (1913)
Alex adds some nice embellishments to this classic ragtime piece.
Chevy Chase - Eubie Blake (1914)
With some very nice rhythmic interpretations.


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