Terry Parrish's Live-Played Ragtime MIDIs

Terry recently gave a performance for the Northern Virginia Ragtime Society, and afterwards recorded these MIDI files of some of his original compositions on my digital piano for future transcription to sheet music.
All these files were made on a single-take, with a minimal amount of editing performed on the files.
Zez Meets Billy on 12th Street
An amusing mix of Billy Mayerl and Zez Confrey styles applied to this familiar Euday Bowman rag.
Yellow Tulips
A charming piece in the Mayerl tradition.
Bacon and Eggs
A modern composition with a classic ragtime feel.

Audio CD's by Terry Parrish

Terry Parrish was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1954. After initial years of rudimentary piano lessons, his interest in playing waned until mid-high school when he and his brother restored a vintage player piano. They acquired a number of piano rolls, one of which featured a medley of popular rags, such as "Maple Leaf" and "Black and White Rag". Being able to sight read and possessing a good ear for chord structure, he began learning rags and fox trots from the era. Through college and medical school, Terry continued playing ragtime and pop piano for his own enjoyment and for entertainment.

In the early 1970's, Terry first played briefly on the Goldenrod Showboat. Later, his group, "The Elite Syncopators", became regular guests at the St Louis Ragtime Festivals. Since the mid-1980's, Terry and the group have played numerous rag fests around the country. He has also made many professional appearances as a soloist.

Piano playing is a true love for Terry, but his primary employment is functioning as a medical director for a large Mental Health Center in Indianapolis. He is married to a nurse [Beth] who plays classical piano. They have four children - all of them musically talented. Terry was a featured piano soloist at the Tom Turpin Ragtime Festival in Savannah, Georgia in October 1996.

Terry and "The Elite Syncopators" have recorded a number of tapes and, more recently, issued a CD on the Stomp-Off Label.

Ragtime Special

This CD may be purchased mail order from Amazon.com by following the link below:
Purchase : Ragtime Special
Elite Syncopators / Audio CD / Published 1995
Includes some rarely performed Joseph Lamb pieces (Ragged Rapids Rag, Ragtime Special, Old Home Rag, Rapid Transit Rag). Their piano player, Terry Parrish, has been a featured performer at the NVRS several times.


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