Contemporary Ragtime Compositions by
William Rowland


Bill Rowland won the Scott Joplin Ragtime Composition Contest, Sedalia, MO in 1975 with his composition: "Tickled Pink".
He won the competition again in 1999 with his piece "Dave & Charlie's Rag".
Bill's rag, "Spiffy", his entry for the 1997 Scott Joplin Rag Composition Contest, received "honorable mention".

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Sheet Music for these compositions is available !

Printed sheet music for these pieces is available through "Ragtime Express"
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MIDI Files

These midi files were sequenced by Bill Rowland, and are made available here with the permission of the composer.
Comments about the pieces are also those of Bill Rowland.
   Artistic    copyright 1975
   Artistic, written in 1975 for my sister-in-law Rhonda Fanning, a commercial artist.
   Bug's Ear    copyright 1975
   Bug's Ear, also 1975, for my then-five-year-old daughter, Lynn.
   Dave and Charlie's Rag    copyright 1999
   This rag was the winner of the 1999 Scott Joplin Ragtime Composition Contest, and is dedicated to my friends David Nichols and Charles Smith of Tulsa, who made the mistake of showing an interest in my Ragtime.
   Elizabethan Rag   copyright 1998
   Elizabethan Rag has a little smoother sound, maybe a little more classical. I wrote it in 1998 for my neice Elizabeth Rowland Hogue, who showed an interest in my music writing.
   Entertainment    copyright 1973
   Entertainment, one of my first rags, composed for my mother, who encouraged me in my musical endeavors.
   Gussied Up    copyright 1993
   Gussied Up, actually written in about 1988 and was lost for several years.
   Keystone    copyright 1973
   Keystone, winner of the Joplin, Mo, Centennial Music Composition Contest, written for my wife Linda.
   Personality    copyright 1975
   Personality was composed in 1975 for my sisters Virginia Hogan and Carol Hogue.
   Rag of Many Colors    copyright 1987
   Rag of Many Colors came out in 1987, dedicated to my brother-in-law Jim Fanning, who likes Ragtime.
   Rhythmism   copyright 1975
   Rhythmism was written for my Dad in 1975.
   Spiffy   copyright 1993
   Spiffy was composed long after the other rags, for our third daughter Jocelyn Christina Rowland, and special thanks is given to Johnny Maddox, who encouraged me to begin writing rags again.
   Spotlight Rag    copyright 1996
   Spotlight Rag was written to honor the Spotlight Theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which hosts The Drunkard mellodrama every Saturday night. It began in 1953, and is the longest-running production of its kind in America. I play piano there once or twice a month, and wrote this rag for them. It includes the familiar villain theme as well as a musical reference to God Bless America, which is sung at every performance. The simplified piano arrangement is available from Ragtime Express, and this dixieland band arrangement of "Spotlight Rag" is also available from me.
A full dixieland band arrangement of "Spotlight Rag" is also available for $10, postage paid in the U.S.
   Tickled Pink    copyright 1974
   Tickled Pink was written for our second daughter, Leslie Dawn Rowland when she was born. It won the 1975 Scott Joplin Festival Ragtime Composition Contest, and was published in Rudi Blesh's Ragtime Current in 1976, along with the other winners and rags from other contemporary composers. It is now out of print.
   Turn of the Century Rag   copyright 1998
  Turn of the Century was written in 1998 for our grandchildren, Jessica Lauryn and Jacob Spencer Duncan, and the title could be considered timely now or 100 years ago when Ragtime was in its infancy.

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