Tom Roberts' Live-Played Ragtime MIDIs

Tom is one of the featured performers of the Northern Virginia Ragtime Society, among his other musical activities. Tom plays piano for Leon Redbone as well as playing jazz piano for a number of bands including "The Silver Leaf Jazz Band of New Orleans", and "The California Swing Cats".
Tom has just released a CD for Stomp Off Records of the music of Luckey Roberts.

The 3 MIDI files below have been taken off line for now
Tom is planning to publish these arrangements, and we decided to disable the MIDI file links until after the sheet music has been published.

The Dream Rag - Jesse Pickett (1896)
A great version of an early influential Eastern ragtime piece.
Nothin' - Luckey Roberts (1908)
One of Luckey Roberts' "cutting content" pieces.
Spanish Fandango - Luckey Roberts (1908)
A virtuosic Harlem Tango.

Audio CD's by Tom Roberts

I am pleased to be able to provide information about Tom's recently released audio CD, "Roberts Plays Roberts" featuring his solo piano performances of the works of Charles Luckeyth "Luckey" Roberts.
Also listed is his previous CD release "Night Cap" featuring of a panorama of ragtime, stride and jazz piano works from 1896-1940. This CD may be purchased mail order from by following the link below:
purchase : "Night Cap"

Roberts Plays Roberts

Released on the "Stomp Off" label.
RobertsPlaysRoberts On this CD, Tom Roberts presents authentic recreations of the music of Charles Luckeyth "Luckey" Roberts, Harlem's original piano powerhouse, the king of the New York Fast Shout pianists and the grandfather of stride piano. This CD is the results of over two years of research and transcription.

1. Ripples of the Nile
2. Spanish Fandango
3. Railroad Blues
4. Blue Fever
5. Spanish Venus (Willie "The Lion" Smith version)
6. Pork and Beans
7. Complainin'
8. Music Box Rag
9. Shy and Sly
10. Nothin'
11. Spanish Venus (Eubie Blake version)
12. The Junk Man Rag
13. The Irresistible Blues
14. Outer Space
15. Inner Space
16. Palm Beach
17. Bon Ton Cakewalk
18. Mo'Lasses
19. Rose Time and You

Night Cap

Released on the "Solo Art" label.
CD-pic This CD highlights the diversity of the various musical styles of the many regional ragtime and jazz schools of playing. Styles represented include Eastern Shout, Classic Ragtime, Harlem Stride, New Orleans Jazz, Chicago Style, Boogie Woogie, and Tangos. Highlights include hitherto unheard compositions by Bob Zurke and Joe Sullivan.

1. Stars & Stripes Forever - J. Sousa
2. Spanish Venus - Luckey Roberts
3. Two Sheridan Square - Joe Sullivan
4. Hangover Square - Bob Zurke
5. The Dream - J. Pickett
6. Farewell to Riverside - Joe Sullivan
7. Cuttin Out - Willie 'The Lion' Smith
8. Southern Exposure - Bob Zurke
9. Sounds of Africa - Eubie Blake
10. Sunday at Ryan's - Joe Sullivan
11. Finger Buster - Jelly Roll Morton
12. Rose Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin
13. Gin Mill Blues - Joe Sullivan
14. Concentratin' - Willie 'The Lion' Smith
15. Efficiency Rag - James Scott
16. Blues on the Downbeat - Pete Johnson
17. The Crave - Jelly Roll Morton
18. Carolina Shout - James P. Johnson
19. Contrary Motion - Willie 'The Lion' Smith
20. Night Cap - Bob Zurke

"We consider his new CD to be one of the finest solo piano recordings in the entire Solo Art catalog. In short, this disc is truly a four-star session with some of the finest jazz piano you've heard in a long time" ---Jazzbeat Magazine

The CD may be purchased mail order from by following the link below: purchase : "Night Cap"