These MIDI files are currently being provided here as direct, NOT-zipped binary files , with *.mid file extensions.
You may either save the files directly to your computer's local hard disk, or configure a plug-in or helper application program for your browser to play midi files directly off of web-pages. Most modern browsers include MIDI capable media players.

If You Can't Access The MIDI Files

Many well-intentioned folks were linking directly to my MIDI files, embedding them in webpages on other sites, newsgroup messages, and E-mail messages. Unfortunately, this created a tremendous bandwidth usage on my server in order to send my MIDI files to all these other sites.
In order to maintain control of my site's bandwidth, it was necessary for me to restrict the access to my MIDI files to only those folks currently viewing my own web pages. If you are unable to listen to the MIDI files, it may be because you are behind a firewall, or you are using some other security measure that restricts your computer from sending out the "HTTP_REFERER" variable, and other parameters normally sent by a browser when it is viewing a webpage. You might try turning down your firewall restrictions if you are unable to access the MIDI files.

I regret the inconvenience, but this was a necessary restriction to impose in order to keep the bandwidth charges for my website within my account limits.


I used to have some general MIDI file information and sound card/PC debugging information on this page. These days, it is more effective for you to simply use a good search engine to find information specific to debugging your particular PC or soundcard hardware or software configuration.
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