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Ragtime Related Links

(most of these have MIDI files)

    The Northern Virginia Ragtime Society
    The Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation
    The Ragtime section of the JazzWeb
    Home Page of John E. Roache
    Inlux Editions (George Bogatko)
    The Ragtime Press (Sue Keller)
    Jeff Powell's Home Page (Joplin Archives)
    Herb Harari's Home Page
    Primeline Midi Archives - Lots of files by John Cowles in this collection
    Oleg Mezjuev's Swedish Ragtime MIDI Page
    D.G.Bowie Piano Music Home Page
    Colin MacDonald's Web Site
    Ron "Keeper" O'Dell's MIDI Page
    The Red Hot Jazz Archive - Great historical page with RealAudio tunes.
    Bob Milne's Web Page
    Bill Edwards' Web Page
    John Farrell's Web Page
    The Mississippi Rag Web Page
    Old-time Music Preservation Association - Direct link removed because
       this site opens multiple spam windows, reconfigures your browser, and may crash it.
       However, if you want to view it, you can find it at http://members.tripod.com/~oldtimepiano/
    Mike Meddings' Web Page
    The Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival Home Page

The Maple Leaf Rag Ring-Devoted To Scott Joplin
The Maple Leaf Rag Ring-Devoted To Scott Joplin is made possible by the Webring.

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   Sites With Quality MIDI files (non-ragtime)

    The Classical MIDI Archives A simply marvelous resource

   Directories With Great Music/MIDI Links

    Standard MIDI Files on the Net

   Some Web Sites Using My Midi Files

    James Hubert Blake High School

   Humor Links

    The Goon Show Archive

   Financial Links

    EDGAR    THE SEC - Your Tax Dollars Finally Working for You!
    PC Quote    The MarketSmart Site Does Options !
    The PR Newswire Site
    The Research Magazine Site
    Hoover's Reports Online
    NAIC    (National Association of Investors Corp.)

   Friends And Clients

    Oren Harari    Author, Teacher, and Management Consultant
    Arden Consulting    Organizational Development and Training
    Metropolitan Washington Regional Outings Program    Hiking and Outdoor Activities.


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