Roll Scanning - MIDI files from piano rolls

Mystery Rolls

Please Help Identify These Songs/Rolls

Many of the rolls sent to me for scanning and preservation are without boxes. Several are also missing the leaders. Consequently, there are several scanned rolls for which the tune, or the manufacturer and roll catalog numbers are unknown. Sometimes there is a catalog number at the end of the roll, but the manufacturer/brand remains a mystery.

If you recognize these tunes, or even better if you happen to know the specific roll manufacturer and catalog number in the cases where it is missing, please use the contact form to let me know.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Roll Scans With Unknown Song Title

1. Unk-12-18-04-A Mfgr. unknown, # 302633 LISTEN n/a
3. Unk-12-18-04-B Unknown LISTEN Thanks to Jules Shaffer who identified this tune as:
"Across the Border" by Kirby A. Tallmadge
2. Unk-01-05-05 Mfgr. unknown, # 33205 LISTEN n/a
4. Unk-04-21-05 Mfgr. unknown, # 9658 LISTEN Thanks to John Lyon who identified this tune as:
"My Isle of Golden Dreams" by Kahn & Blaufuss
5. Unk-05-22-05-A 4065 LISTEN n/a
6. Unk-05-22-05-B Unknown LISTEN Polish
7. Unk-03-28-05 QRS-62800 LISTEN ballad
8. Unk-01-09-05 Unknown LISTEN Classical, Played by Merlin, Richard
Thanks to Ben Roth, who identified this tune as "At Dawning (I Love You)", written by Charles Wakefield Cadman

Roll Scans With Unknown Roll Brand and/or Catalog Number

Click on title or MIDI icon to listen to these performances. Perhaps those of you with these titles in your own collections will recognize some of these particular roll arrangements.
For rolls of music newer than 1923, MIDIs are restricted to excerpts of about 1 minute.

Mfgr Brand Catalog # Date MIDI Roll Title
Unknown 06467 1926 Honolulu Moon
Unknown 06530 Lonely Nights In Hawaii
Unknown 06721 1927 Dream Kisses
Unknown 06791 Four Walls
Unknown 06836 Ohio Home
Unknown 06880 1928 I Can't Do Without You
Unknown 06921 In The Evening
Unknown 06936 Forevermore
Unknown 07042 1928 Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
Unknown 07068 1928 If You Want The Rainbow
Unknown 07356 1929 My Song Of The Nile
Unknown 21514 1881 Hilo March
Unknown 41431 1923 Andy Gump
Unknown 5483 1920 Look For The Silver Lining
Unknown 5487 Congratulations
Unknown 5546 1930 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Unknown 5557 1929 When It's Springtime In The Rockies
Unknown 8345 1927 Im Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Unknown M66340 1921 Kitten On The Keys
Unknown Unknown 1926 Baby Face
Unknown Unknown 1914 Sister Suzie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
Unknown Unknown Honey
Unknown Unknown How You Gonna Wet Your Whistle - ( When the Whole Darn World Goes Dry )
Unknown Unknown All By Myself
Unknown Unknown 1910 Napoleon's Last Charge
Unknown Unknown Ramona
Unknown Unknown 1929 Wedding Of The Painted Doll
Unknown Unknown 1929 After A Million Dreams
Unknown Unknown 1924 I Wonder What's Become Of Sally
Unknown Unknown 1907 Red Wing
Unknown Unknown Slow And Easy Blues
Unknown Unknown 1929 Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine
Unknown Unknown 1927 Just Like A Butterfly - (That's Caught In The Rain)
unknown unknown 1900 Tell Me Pretty Maiden - (Are There Any More At Home Like You)
Unknown X6002 1926 After I Say I'm Sorry